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    Swimming Pool Maintenance
        Weekly & Bi-weekly Service

Service Includes:
  • Vacuum bottom and walls*
  • Brush walls and tile line
  • Skim surface
  • Backwash filter
  • Fill Chlorinator
  • We use our own cleaning equipment*
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    Spa/Hot Tub Maintenance
    Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly Service

Service Includes:
  • Vacuum bottom
  • Skim surface
  • Clean filters
  • Treat Cover
  • Balance Chemicals
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Spa Moving
    Service Includes:
  • Site Check
  • Safely remove from yard
  • We use state of the art equipment
  • Move to new location
  • Set right where you want it
  • Licenced & Insured
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From this...
To this!!!
Spa/Hot Tub Drain Clean & Refill

Service Includes:
  • Drain old water
  • Clean & wax surface
  • Refill with fresh water
  • Clean filters
  • Balance Fresh water
Call for pricing or click the Service/Repair tab to schedule an appointment
Pool & Spa Motor Rebuilding

Service Includes:
  • Pull old *motor  for rebuild
  • Remove pump, impeller** & pump seal
  • Remove old  bearings
  • Install new bearings
  • Reassemble pump
  • Install new pump seal
  • Bench test
  • Return and install rebuilt motor
Cost is approx. $125.00 so click the Service/Repair tab to schedule
an appointment!
*Some motors may be beyond repair and may not be rebuilt. ** Extreme care will
be taken to remove the old impeller without breakage, but some plastic impellers
may crack and is beyond our control
* New pack includes; Digital topside, circuit board, heater, temp & hi-limit sensors
Diving Services & Under Water Repair

Services Include:
  • Vinyl Liner Patching
  • Main Drain Replacement
  • Rusted Rebar Repair
  • Skimmer Repair
  • Crack Repair
  • In Wall Step Repair
  • Plaster pop off repair
  • Underwater light repair/installation
  • Other services available upon request

Call for pricing or click the service/repair button to make an appointment.
      Vinyl Liner Replacement
We do it right! Complete liner replacement

Service Includes:
  • Accurately measure for and order new liner
    of your choice
  • Drain pool and remove old liner
  • Install new gaskets on light, skimmer, main
    drain and return lines
  • Refill & balance water
Call  for pricing. Prices my vary due to liner size, gauge and pattern.
Green Pool Clean-up

Services Include:
  • Chemical Treatment (Chlorines/Algaesides)
  • Remove Debris(Vacuum, skim, backwash)
  • Set up D/E Filter (Daily fees apply)
  • Brush walls, clean tile
  • Balance Chemical's

Call for pricing or click the service/repair button to make an appointment.
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From Green
To Clean
Spa Equipment Upgrade

Service Includes:
  • Come out  and give free estimate
  • Remove old equipment pack and air buttons
  • Drain hot tub
  • Install temperature sensor
  • Install digital equipment pack* 120v or 220v
  • Install new digital topside
  • Refill tub & clean filter
  • Test System
  • One year warranty
New T-8 Topside
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src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aOZQKg36IRA" frameborder="0"