Jacuzzi Aquatic Stereo Wireless Remote/Sensor Upgrade
Step#1 Turn OFF power to spa.
When you purchase the kit, you
will receive all programming
instructions for new remote.
These are step by step directions for converting a
hardwired Aquatic stereo remote to the new  wireless
waterproof handheld style.
Double click any image for larger views
Back side of stereo
door  panel
Step#2 Remove front door panel
access panel then carefully
remove stereo panel with
stereo attached
Step#3 Locate and unplug old
wired remote control.(leave old
remote where it is.)
Step#4 Find new  wireless
remote sensor(6560-341) and
plug into stereo plug. *(
Note you can
use the double sided tape(6720-007) to stick
the sensor  to the stereo or use a screw and
attach it under the door somewhere)
Step#5 Find new remote and
sync it to the sensor by holding
the P/S button for 7 seconds.
Check to see that all buttons
function properly.
(ps you'll to re-apply
the power for this step)
Step#6 Around the old wired
remote is a ring that holds it in
place, remove and discard it.
Step#7 Install the new cover on
the old remote by screwing onto
the  remote. This is the finished
Step#8 Install all door panels
and either install the remote
holder to the door or slip it into
the cover remote pouch which
ever you prefer.
Step#9 ENJOY your much
easier, more waterproof stereo
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