Balboa Flow through Heater Element Installation
Step #1 turn Off power supply to spa.
Close all valves to heater control box.
Loosen heater union nuts and let
excess water out.
Step #2 Locate heater
element in control box.
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<<<--------Two Terminals---------->>
Step #3 Remove nuts
from heater terminals.
Be sure to hold both
nuts while loosening
Step #6 Remove 3/4"
bulk head nuts.
Step #5 Remove heater
can from control unit.
Step #4 Remove wires
from terminals.
Step #7 Be sure to
remove any sensors or
pressure switches.
Step #8 Pull element
from can.
Step #9 Check new element for parts. Be
sure to replace with like element  4.0 Kw
5.5Kw etc. If in doubt Check label!

Notice bend in element, this must be present for any
M-7 balboa installation- to keep sensor from touching
element. Be sure to order correct element.
Check can for cracks
or bends.
Note: If you are not comfortable
with electrical components do
"NOT" attempt to do this job.
Call an licenced service tech
or electrician. In most cases
this is 220 Volts!!!!
Step #10 Seat "O" rings on
terminal saddles and slide in new
element.(be sure to keep upright
so "O" rings don't fall off
Step #11 Tighten 3/4" Bulk
head nuts and install can back
into control box.
Step #12 Attach wires and use
two wrenches to tighten nuts.
Step #13 Be sure to install any sensors and
pressure switches and  connect wires. Tighten
heater union nuts be sure "O" rings are in
place in heater unions.
Step #13 Open valves turn on power, wait for
pump to prime and water is moving. You should
see a heater indicator light or heat icon. Now
check for amp readings should be 18 to 20 amps
on  220 volts and 8 to 10 amps for 120volts. Your
Congratulations -You have Heat!!!!
The Spa Doc
Check back later for more tech tips.
The Doc